Some tips for window maintenance

When going about cleaning your house, flat or shop, never forget the windows! It’s important to keep your windows clean and in good condition, one reason being for longevity of your windows. With England and its weather, temperature fluctuations, road side debris and rain all contribute to a windows tear and tear.

A little time invested into your windows is a big step to how increase their longevity and uphold their appearance. Below are some of our tips to keep your windows in top shape.

Regular inspection

First step is to check them regularly, every season. Take a note of the condition the window pane, frame and sash for signs of wear and tear or even rotting.

Another key task for the checklist is to look for signs of moisture as this could indicate a seal that has failed. Check for any gaps which can be filled to ensure a draft or moisture inst seeping in.

Ensure to replace any damaged parts and loose fittings to be fixed as soon as possible as prolonging the fix can often worsen the problem.


If you have wooden windows, ensure to wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth. This helps to remove any sitting dust, dirt and debris. Follow with dry cloth to minimize too much moisture as it can cause rotting, especially in the colder months.

You can wash any vinyl and aluminium-framed windows with mild detergent, however, you’ll want to test it on an inconspicuous spot to ensure no negative reactions.

Don’t forget to clean the window casing as dirt and debris can often build up in these areas which can later flow inside and can sometimes cause window jams.


One aspect of your windows that can easily be overlooked is gaos around windows. Small gaps can lead ti higher energy costs as loss of warm air reduces its efficiency to retain heat.

While inspecting insure to note down areas where worn out rubber seals need to be replaced to insure minimal heat loss in the colder months as well as minimize moisture and water from seeping in.

Regular window maintenance and window cleaning will keep them looking good, save energy costs as well as prolong their longevity.

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